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"Laura Baker is an excellent realtor. In my experience of multiple moves, Laura provided services above and beyond what I previously received with other agents. She is extremely knowledgeable in real estate matters as to what are the necessary steps to sell your home through all of the ins and outs of a contract and closing. Laura was always available to answer any questions or concerns I may have had during the entire process. I would highly recommend Laura Baker if you are considering buying or selling your home."    

Henry & Ellen Lewinsohn


"Laura Baker is an exceptional agent! She is very knowledgeable, friendly and truly cared about our family and our needs. No matter what time of day or night it was, if I had a question Laura would respond. Over the years, we have had multiple opportunities to work with Laura to buy or sell our  properties. Laura has always exhibited stellar professionalism, and I would HIGHLY recommend Laura Baker to help sell or buy a home. Her professionalism, mentorship, knowledge, honesty, and hard work ethic are much respected and appreciated."

Deb & Shuvanker Ghosh 


"Let me set the stage and be clear before you read this.  I am not related to Laura Baker, I don’t work in the real estate business in any manner, and I have no self-serving purpose for writing this review.  I am writing this simply because it’s the right thing to do and she has earned every word written below.  I rarely write reviews but in the few times that I have it is because I am passionate about the person, the company or the service. 

We spent several years looking around trying to find the right home for our growing family.  The catch was we wanted a certain size, a certain view, a certain location, a certain price and a certain quality.  Easy enough right?  After a couple of years of searching we found a house that seemed to fit the bill.  What was amazing upon seeing this home was the experience we received from the seller’s realtor.  I have come across a number of real estate agents who knew their craft…but upon meeting Laura Baker…something was entirely different.  

She was representing the seller but seemed very concerned about what we (the buyers) wanted.  She was open, honest and transparent.  Beyond that, she didn’t “push” us to think that the house would be gone within the hour.  She was frank about the situation but had great points regarding the value of the home.  When she started guiding us and consulting us (for free) about some thoughts on selling our own home…a light bulb sparked.  So many times, I come across some crazy ideas…but this thought ended up being one of my best.  I told my wife that I wanted Laura to represent us as well.  

This logic goes against any advice I have been given about hiring an agent.  I did not care.  Laura’s attention was second to none and her knowledge (which she is very humble about) was nothing less than refreshing.  When approached about the thought Laura did not immediately jump on the opportunity.  She asked us to take a step back and think about it.  Bottom line, she was once again thinking about all parties involved which only reinforced my desire to hire her as not only our agent to buy this home but now our agent to sell our existing home.

Sell of home:  Laura came to our home and suggested that we make some modest changes.  She spent hours talking price strategy with me and then went to work on putting together a proper marketing campaign which included a drone fly over for pics.  As an executive, I was truly impressed with her ability to wear several hats.  Laura immediately became not just a sales agent…but a manager, a consultant, a marketing specialist and most of all a trusted partner.  Bottom line, we got the offer we would finally accept and close on within 45 Minutes!!

Pre-Purchase: Laura connected me with several people within her network.  This included a handyman to help us fix several items who to this day (2 years later) has become part of our family.  She also course corrected me on some thoughts related to financing and connected me with an amazing mortgage expert name Russ Smith.  What I learned is that if Laura recommends a person or a company she genuinely views it as putting her own reputation on the line.  Seems like common sense, but it’s a trait I see less and less of in business these days.  She went on to help us in matters that frankly she had no need to.  From my seat I thought this kind of attention would end once we closed on all transactions…boy was I wrong.

Closing of home:  This wasn’t my first closing but it had been a good 15 years since my last purchase.  I forgot how stressful the process can be.  I was about to add fuel to the fire; we decide to do a simultaneous closing on the same day.  We were warned over and over (by others) to be prepared for disasters.  Laura assured me that she had our back.  She made sure we were taken care of with regards the mortgage company, the title company and with our final agreements with the seller and the buyers. In summary, we had the smoothest closing I’ve ever had and wrapped up the process within a total of about 2 hours.  I was ready for war…what I got was absolute perfection.

Post-Sale: Immediately after the close Laura stopped by several times to check up on us.  By this time she had become a family friend and her visits were absolutely welcomed.  She was also very attentive to the seller of the house.  I should add my communication with the seller was absolutely stellar.  I can attribute that to Laura who served as a constant bridge and a voice of reason.  Even as recently as last month, Laura was looking out for us when she saw we had an issue with the house.  Again, she had no need to but made sure she guided us to the proper resources to help us out.  It’s easy to see the best in someone when they have a financial incentive to gain…what’s amazing and stunning is that Laura supports those around her for all the right reasons.  Ultimately all her actions does lead to her success.  Money isn’t her top focus…but it is a byproduct of her hard work and dedication.

Summary:  I can’t stress enough how genuine a person Laura is.  Moreover, she is an astute business leader that does transactions the right way.  I guess the best metaphor I can use is that when Jerry Maguire had this thought of making sure the clients were truly taken care of and that business was done the right way…I have no doubt somehow he had Laura Baker in mind as his role model.  Laura…thank you for taking care of our closings, our homes and our family!!"

Brian & Julie Otte


"We would like to take a moment to let you know how very pleased we have been with your agent, Laura Baker.  Laura has been our agent now on two separate, very successful, real estate transactions...both without our ever setting foot in the state of Florida.  We live in Indiana, and because we were unable to personally inspect and consider what properties were available, when we were looking to purchase last year, it was critical for us to have an agent who was able to intelligently guide us in making our search a successful one.

Laura Baker excelled by helping us define our criteria for this purchase, spent many hours taking our daughter to see all available properties, offered well thought out options and assisted us in making an accepted offer.  She made it an easy and totally enjoyable experience. 

In our second transaction, Laura represented us as our Sellers Agent and was extremely  competent in finding us a buyer for our property, at an above average sales price, despite our property being in competition with many short sales and foreclosures. 

She accomplished this in less than a month and was, as in our first transaction, sharp, confident and the ultimate professional.  One of many definitions of a successful professional is "one who demonstrates expertise and mastery in a specific field".

Laura Baker has not only continually demonstrated these outstanding qualities but by the finality of each transaction you feel as though you have been her only client...her only priority!  She is always patient, polite, extremely competent and a pleasure to do business with...even when deadlines get close and things get hairy!  :)

Laura Baker is the ultimate professional and for this we always be most grateful."

 Lewis & Julie K. Hoehn


"We have used Laura Baker for every one of our real estate transactions. Her eye for staging and decluttering homes is amazing! Our last home was sold for more than we imagined which gave us more options with our new purchase. And our home sold within 14 days!! Closings are seamless and on time with Laura. She is so experienced and well connected that we continue to use her as a resource after the sale. We have referred Laura to all of our friends and family."    

Steve & Kim Burnley


"Over the past ten years, Real Estate Agent Laura Baker has represented us in a total of seven (7) different residential real estate transactions. With her outstanding market knowledge and administrative skills, Laura made the property search, the sales contract and the property closing a seamless and most rewarding experience. We will definitely continue to rely on Laura Baker for all of our future real estate transactions."    

Bill & Jan Rice


"Laura Baker is an experienced realtor that listens to her clients. Her knowledge of the Tampa Bay area was extremely valuable to us as we conducted our long-distance search for a home in Florida. Laura always responded to our calls promptly and understood our urgency to find a home after we sold our house in Maryland. She was attentive to our needs and assisted us through every step of the process, from negotiating the sales price to completing the home inspection to completing the final paperwork. It was such a pleasure working with Laura that we asked her to assist my brother with finding a home. It was apparent that she cared about him and wanted to help him find a home that suited his lifestyle and needs. Laura exceeded our expectations with the homes she showed him and he found the perfect home within a week. We never hesitate to recommend Laura to anyone that is looking to purchase or sell a home. In fact, she will be the agent that lists my brother’s home in the near future. To us, there is no other choice."    

Angela & Gerry Cecci


"We have had the pleasure of working with Laura several times over the years for our real estate buying and selling needs. She is the consummate professional. She explains situations in clear and concise terms, offers reasonable suggestions, and goes out of her way to help out at all levels of the real estate transaction process. If you value the commitment and peace of mind that retaining the services of a true professional brings, then you will be truly pleased with your choice of Laura as your realtor."    

Mark & Michelle Scott


"I have worked with Laura for over 20 years. She was my first real estate agent and I will never use anyone else. Laura has helped me buy, sell, and rent multiple properties, she is an excellent realtor. She goes above and beyond the line of duty to deliver for her clients. She is extremely knowledge of the area and every time I have followed her advice it has been for the better. She has excellent communication skills and always responds quickly. She knows how to stage and get a property ready to sell as well as how to inspect and evaluate a property for purchase. I recommend Laura to anybody interested in buying, selling or renting properties. Laura is AWESOME!!!"   

Tracy Scott


"Looking to sell or buy a not do it alone. You need Laura Baker with Coldwell Banker by your side. Laura is the best in the business, she will make sure to find the right buyer for your home and also find the right home for you. She is patient and understanding and always has her clients’ interest and happiness a priority. With her perseverance and professionalism, she will make your selling or buying experience hassle free. Laura has assisted us on multiple transactions, purchases and sales. Laura is a very resourceful and knows many folks in the business who can help get your home ready to sell, staged properly, and professionally listed. She will also help with the purchase of your new home so that there are no surprises. Make sure to look her up...she is AMAZING!!!! I would choose Laura again if I need to and recommend her as one of the finest in the business."    

Chuck Wall


"Laura’s depth of knowledge and professional instinct is a value add whether you are buying, selling, or simply canvasing the market. Her attention to detail and commitment have proven to be a differentiator when representing me over the past 15 years and I cannot imagine doing business with anyone else. You will not find a better realtor."    

Christopher Herrmann


“Using Laura as our realtor is the best decision we made when looking for a home. She had our best interest in mind and helped us so much throughout the entire process. She thought of things to ask that I would never think of, and she taught us so much. I went in to every situation with her feeling extremely confident, and I can’t wait to have the opportunity to use her again.”    

Jarrett & Tiffany Haas


As you can imagine, its been a whirlwind for us these past few months!  I feel like I finally can take a breath... We couldn't have done it without you!!  Thank you so much for making it all happen with the sale of our home.  You went above and beyond!!  You are truly the best in your field and Jim and I will always recommend you as the #1 Realtor!"

Joy & Jim Bowles


"I had the pleasure of working with Laura when looking for some investment properties between 2009-2011. From day 1, Laura was extremely responsive and had great suggestions for homes to view based on what I was looking for. All throughout the negotiations and closing Laura was there quickly handling any issues that may have risen. If the time ever comes when I will be looking for a new home, there isn't any question on who my Realtor will be! She is dedicated, responsible and very knowledgeable agent!"

Manju Basu


"Laura is amazing! She went way above and beyond to make sure our sale closed on time! She was on point with communication and very knowledgeable. Anyone would be lucky to have her working hard for them! When the seller did not repair the floor on time for re-inspection, Laura did the work herself. Every step of the way, she was knowledgable and knew exactly what to do!"

Heather McCune


"Laura, is wonderful to work with. She is great at negotiating. She communicates well and that is so important in the process. You will not be disappointed with your choice with Laura as your agent."

Ken Ynes


"Laura worked tirelessly until our house was closed. Incredible work ethic and always has a positive attitude. Laura knows her profession as well as anyone."

Jim Bowles


"We worked with Laura 3 times buying and renting houses. Our experience with her is the best. She is very professional, accurate, always responds very quickly, her advise helped us a lot to make the right choices. I highly recommend Laura. Everyone will be pleased and satisfied."

Olga & Peter Abrosimov


"Laura was fantastic throughout the whole home buying process. She came highly recommended by a friend and after our first meeting with her we could see why. She was extremely professional, attentive, and knowledgeable. Most of all, she was down to earth and friendly which helped to make what would  ordinarily be a stressful process more enjoyable."

Malika Rigg


"Laura pays attention to details every step of the way during a transaction. She is knowledgeable , professional. Laura is your qualified Realtor for Tampa FL."

Judy Wyatt


"Smooth process! She’s very kind."

Cynthia Toby


"Laura helped us both sell our existing home and buy a new one simultaneously. Her patience and perseverance were exactly what we needed and her experience helped us avoid making costly mistakes. We truly could not have asked for a better realtor and would absolutely recommend her services!"

Lisa Knight 


"Laura knows her business. We’ve worked with her for close to 20 years. She knows what to look for when buying and selling a home. She’s very responsive and will do whatever it takes to get the job done."

 Patti & John Straumann 


"I have worked with Laura for over 10 years through a property manager/realtor relationship. She has always proven to be a realtor who covers all her bases instead of leaving the management company responsible for doing all the work.

A little over 4 years ago, she also helped me as my agent to find my forever home. She is great to work with and really listens. I have recommended her to everyone who asks."

Tanya Berger


"Laura was a Godsend to me. I was searching for homes while my husband was deployed overseas and I couldn't have done it without her. She definitely knows her craft and went above and beyond throughout the process. She's extremely knowledgeable and also a gunner. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone and will use her in the future when and if the time comes."


Lisa Painter  


"Laura is a true Real Estate professional! I work in New Home Sales and recently had the privilege to work together with her and one of her clients. I was truly impressed with her knowledge of the business and dedication to her clients. She knows first-hand how to work through the challenges that come with selecting upgrades and choosing a homesite. If you need a Realtor who defines excellence, then I would recommend you choose Laura - you'll be glad you did!"  

Brian Pol


"Laura is such a hardworking realtor, she helped us rent our 1st townhouse then has helped us find our dream home now. She is very committed. We highly recommend Laura as your next realtor!!! She’s extremely hardworking and goes above and beyond."

Melissa and Jesus Rios 


"Laura is a great professional. She knows the real estate business inside out.  I have purchased seven houses with her and she has sold two for me.  I always recommend her to others!"

Janette Rice


"Laura got us into our dream home and ahead of schedule! She was thorough and attentive and we appreciated her very much!"

Cherisse & David Ponraj


"Laura Baker is a hardworking and knowledgeable realtor. She goes above and beyond. I highly recommend Laura!"

Christine Cincotta


"Laura helped me to close on my first solo home!  She was a pleasure to work with and truly cared about my wants and needs. She listened attentively and avoided wasting time with listings that did not meet my requirements or qualifications. I counted on her skills and abilities and she went above and beyond to ensure that all was taken care of in a more than timely manner. With a professional, yet friendly and efficient demeanor, Laura is an extremely valuable asset and I am honored to recommend her!"

Angela Valencia



"Thank you very much, the quality of your services at the highest level! I really hope for further cooperation😉"


Anita Sardinas


"Laura is fantastic! I am not given to hyperbole; however, there are not enough superlatives to describe the service provided. My wife and I moved from Minneapolis, and we were worried that we needed to find a place quickly. Laura helped us accomplish our most important decision in three days. She  helped us look at close to forty homes in two days; then, once we decided on a new build, she was with us every step of the way. Her expertise ensured we asked the builder the right questions, and when the time came to sign the contract, we had no uneasy feelings. Laura was with us for all of the inspections during the build. She was also right there while we were signing the mortgage. As stressful as buying a home usually is, we experienced none of that. Thank you, Laura! A truly outstanding job and experience!"

Beau and Aleyda Rice

"We recently worked with Laura to purchase a new home. We can say that without a doubt , Laura is a phenomenal realtor that really goes above and beyond for her clients. We found her to be patient with us, but absolutely determined, committed and unswerving when it came to negotiating for us. she always has her client's best interest at heart, she is fair and extremely knowledgeable. She was very accommodating with our hectic schedules. She is detailed oriented and takes the time to truly listen to her client's wants, she will not let you settle for second best. Laura Baker defines excellence! she could not come more highly recommended."

Maireni and Bobby Salas


"Laura, is the absolute best real estate agent I have used in the past 33 years!! She is thorough, professional and really gets to know her buyers needs and wants. She helped me find the perfect home in Wesley Chapel without even being in Florida using FaceTime! I Had such confidence in Laura that I purchased my new townhome before I even arrived in Florida! She is just the BEST!!!!!!

Tomas Saak


"Laura sold my condo within a couple of days listing it. She gave a few professional suggestions that helped it sell it for more than what was expected. Laura is the best realtor I have ever used. She sold my condo within 2 days and for more than what I expected. I would highly recommend her. Very professional."

Billie Murray



"It was a really pleasured to work with Laura she is very knowledgeable flexible and responsive.  Right on time on appointments and handling everything with professional matter.  She comes highly recommended! Phenomenal job Laura.  My wife and I are glad to work with you!

Javier and Alba Salazar


"Laura Baker has sold several of my properties with great success. I truly appreciated the fact that she kept me constantly informed during the process. She is very knowledgeable about what sells and gave me suggestions on what was needed to make my properties more desirable. I would not hesitate to enlist Laura's help in selling any future properties. Not only is Laura a true professional, but she is also very personable and was always patient with my endless list of questions and concerns. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a dedicated realtor. She works hard and gets the job done in record time!!"


Tomas Stentz



"Laura Baker is an exceptional realtor. Whether you are purchasing a new home or listing she advocates for you. She is very professional, responds in a timely manner and goes above and beyond. I highly recommend Laura Baker for all your real estate needs!!"

Steve Light



"Laura Baker has been a Realtor for 20+years. She has sold multiple properties because she is a great negotiator. She will make your transaction stress free from looking at homes to the closing. She follows up. She keeps you informed.
She’s a great realtor listing property. She markets the home with highest photos, videos, and drone is impressive. She goes beyond your expectations. She always answers her phone and is a full time licensed Realtor."


Judith Wyatt PA


"I have used Laura multiple times for both buying and selling my homes. I find her to be hardworking on my behalf, respectful of my comments and responsive to my questions. She is worthy of her 5 rating!"


Ann Brennan


"Laura is an outstanding real estate professional. Her level of service is exceptional. She goes above and beyond for her clients."


Stacey Van Schneck


"Laura is the true definition of a professional. She is a great listener and puts her clients needs first. Work with her and you will not be disappointed and accomplish your home ownership goals. She is at the top of the real estate game."

Wendy Chattin





  You can trust Laura for all your Real Estate Needs with over 25 years Experience Buying, Selling and Investing Real Estate with Exceptional Service throughout the Tampa Bay Area!


Call Laura direct at 813-758-9106 she can answer all your real estate questions and handle all your real estate needs with outstanding service!